Holding Your Mail While On Vacation

With the exception of groceries, nearly all of my family’s shopping is done online. It is a rare day when something isn’t being dropped off by either USPS, UPS, or (rarely) FedEx. While I generally enjoy this, it can make it difficult to enjoy a vacation if I’m worried about my stuff potentially sitting on the porch for days. Fortunately, all the major mail delivery services provide an option of holding your mail until you get back. This list is mainly for my convenience so it will be easier for me to remember to turn on mail holds before I leave town, but maybe it will be useful to you, too:

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The post office’s mail hold option is by far the easiest to use, and it is completely free. They provide a simple form where you enter your name, address, and then select your hold options. You can also change your hold preferences later if your vacation is extended or shortened.

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The UPS mail hold option is a little more complicated and isn’t free. UPS provides a service called My Choice at no charge. This service lets you get email or SMS notifications when packages are going to be delivered. They also let you notify them that you will be on vacation, and they let you choose to have packages delivered once you are back. This service costs $5 per package (or $40 per year if you choose to buy a premium My Choice membership). It makes more sense to avoid buying stuff before you leave. You only get charged if something is actually delivered so it is sometimes beneficial to activate the service anyway to catch any unexpected packages.

when does ups stop delivering 

The FedEx option is the worst of them all, but at least it is free. If you know the tracking number for your package then you can pull up the tracking on their website then select “Hold at FedEx Location”. I’d prefer a blanket “hold anything that comes for me” option like USPS and UPS offer, but this is at least better than nothing.

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How To Stop Mail And Fedex

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the entity responsible for delivering mail in the United States. FedEx is a private international logistics and package delivery company. If you need to temporarily stop delivery of your mail or FedEx packages, you can request that the USPS or FedEx hold them. This service is available free of charge from both USPS and FedEx.

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Open a web browser on your computer and go to the USPS website. Click on the “Put your mail on hold” link to access the USPS “Hold Mail Service” tool.

Enter your ZIP code in the “Create a Request” text box and click the “Go” button.

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Enter your first and last names, full mailing address and phone number in the appropriate text boxes. Click the “Continue” button.

Confirm your information and click the “Continue” button.

Select from the drop-down menus the date you want to begin the mail hold and the date you want to resume mail delivery. Choose a delivery option for the held mail. You can choose to pick up all held mail from your local post office, or ask the USPS to deliver it at a later date. Click the “Continue” button.

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Confirm your information and click the “Submit” button to complete your request to temporarily stop mail delivery.

Locate the FedEx tracking numbers of the packages you want FedEx to hold for you.

Call FedEx at (800) 463-3339.

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Ask FedEx to hold the packages at a FedEx office until a specific date. The customer service representative will process your request over the phone, and FedEx will hold the packages for you.

USPS Stamps 2017: Celebrating The Year Of Rooster

USPS Commends the Time of the Chicken with New Always StampsThe U.S. Postal Service™ commends the Lunar New Year with another delightful stamp in the arrangement. The Forever® stamp commends the time of the chicken which starts on Saturday, January 28 this year.The Year of the Chicken Always stamp was committed on January 5 in Seattle Washington and is the principal stamp to be issued in 2017. “Today’s occasion is critical, not just in light of the fact that it’s our first stamp devotion of the new schedule year, additionally on the grounds that it allows the Postal Administration to strengthen our dedication to observe America’s awesome assorted qualities through our stamps,” said Western Region Operations VP, Greg Graves, who committed the stamp.The Postal Administration presented the Observing Lunar New Year arrangement in 2008 and will proceed with the through 2019 finishing up with years of the pooch and the hog. The principal arrangement, Lunar New Year, was presented in 1992 with the time of the chicken and kept running until 2004. Trinket sheets of every one of the 12 stamps of the principal arrangement were discharged in 2005 and 2006.Considered the most critical occasion of the year for some Asian people group Far and wide, the Lunar New Year is commended essentially by individuals of Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tibetan and Mongolian heritage.The Lunar New Year, which falls on the new moon between January 21st and February twentieth, is otherwise called “Chinese New Year”, “Spring Celebration” and “New Year Festival.”In the Assembled States and somewhere else, the event is set apart in different ways: Celebrations incorporate parades highlighting tremendous and dynamically painted papier-mâché mythical serpents, parties and other uncommon occasions. Merchants at open air markets offer blooms, toys, nourishment and then some. Artists play drums to commend a period of recharged seek after what’s to come. Numerous families introduce red envelopes (hongbao), like the one portrayed in the stamp workmanship, containing cash to kids and friends and family.

Year of the Chicken Everlastingly stamp now availableThe Year of the Chicken Perpetually stamp is being issued as a trinket sheet of 12 self-cement Always Stamps . The stamp configuration consolidates components from the past arrangement of Lunar New Year stamps, including a perplexing cut-paper outline of a chicken and the Chinese character – attracted grass-style calligraphy – for “rooster.”Art executive Ethel Kessler took a shot at the arrangement with artist Kam Mak, a Hong Kong-conceived craftsman who experienced childhood in New York City’s Chinatown and now lives in Brooklyn. The work of art concentrates on a portion of the regular ways the Lunar New Year occasion is celebrated.For the Time of the Chicken, the outline — initially made utilizing oil paints on board — delineates a brilliant chicken embellished on a red envelope. The shading red symbolizes fortunes in Chinese culture, while chicken symbolism is regularly used to avert underhanded spirits.The characters at the highest point of the envelope frame a typical Chinese welcome of festivity and wish for flourishing and favorable luck, utilized most habitually amid the Lunar New Year.Share the news of the stamp utilizing the hashtag #LunarNewYear.

Requesting First-Day-of-Issue PostmarksCustomers have 60 days to acquire first-day-of-issue stamps via mail. They may buy new stamps at nearby Post Workplaces, at the Postal Store™ or by calling800-STAMP-24. They ought to attach their preferred stamps to envelopes, deliver the envelopes to themselves or others and place them in envelopes tended to to:Year of the Chicken Stamp Satisfaction Administrations Cancelation Services8300 NE Underground Drive,Pillar 210 Kansas City, MO 64144-9998After applying the principal day-of-issue stamp, the Postal Administration will give back the envelopes through the mail. There is no energize for stamps to an amount of 50. For more than 50, clients are charged 5 pennies each. All requests must be stamped by Walk 5, 2017.

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The Heritage Series: On Postal Uniforms

Like most things in the Postal Service, city letter carriers’ uniforms have a long history. The first official uniforms were introduced in 1868, and required that a full coat and pants be worn at all times. Over the years, the uniform was expanded to allow more authorized options like shorts and short-sleeved shirts.The blue-grey fabric used helped identify a letter carrier at first glance, and items like badges and, later, emblem patches, provided further identification.Though women make up more than 44 percent of USPS employees today, at one time the uniform requirement actually prevented their employment as city letter carriers.

In 1917, when women were first tested as city letter carriers, they wore men’s regulation coats and caps with their own skirts.

Women could not wear pants in public because the simple act of doing so could lead to ridicule, or even arrest in some places. During the world wars, when women temporarily filled positions typically held by men, the rules were “quietly ignored” to allow them to deliver in skirts. Starting in the 50s, skirts were formally made part of the uniform and a few years later, pants were allowed, further opening the door for women city letter carriers.Besides removing some of the harsher restrictions, today’s uniform looks a bit different and allows even more options for comfortable delivery. But the postal blue in your neighborhood remains the same!For more postal history — including more on uniforms — visit “Who We Are: Our History.” uniform2By 1967, uniform regulations included garments tailored specifically for women.

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Seal Of Delivery

Several Logos, Mottos have Represented USPS Through the YearsThe Postal Service’s iconic blue and white eagle isn’t the only insignia that has represented the organization throughout its history.In 1782, Postmaster General Ebenezer Hazard chose Mercury, the Greek messenger of the gods, to represent the organization.Hazard placed the divine deity on top of a globe, with his right hand raised, and gave wings to his feet, helmet and staff. He was encircled with the Latin inscription, “Seal of the Office of the General Messenger.”Fifty-five years later, the seal changed to portray a “Post Horse in speed.” The image depicted a mail carrier riding a horse with mailbags, surrounded by the words “Post Office Department, United States of America.” Postmaster General Amos Kendall wanted the seal to be a modern representation of human effort.The “Post Horse” seal served as the official logo until 1970, when President Nixon signed the Postal Reorganization Act and the familiar bald eagle claimed the spotlight. The eagle is pictured in flight above the inscription “U.S. Mail®” with nine five-pointed stars at the base and “United States Postal Service®” around three sides.In 1993, Postmaster General Marvin Runyon introduced a new corporate logo — a white eagle’s head on a blue background. However, the traditional 1970 eagle remains the Postal Service’s official seal.Contrary to popular belief, USPS® doesn’t have an official motto.The familiar saying, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” was written by Herodotus, describing postal couriers during the expedition of the Greeks against the Persians around 500 B.C.It’s inscribed on the front of the James A. Farley Building in New York City, formerly the home of the city’s main Post Office™.Of course, just because the motto isn’t official doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

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